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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan: The Momentous Tragic Event

Posted by Ma. Theresa Macabuag On 5:37 AM 2 comments

Photo was taken from himho.com
Photo was taken form thedailybeast.com

While Middle East is on the verge of tremor due to series of revolts that preceded violence causing the death of many activists for a rally of anti-government movement, the world fixed eyes suddenly was interrupted by a momentous tragic event in north-eastern Asia when Japan was hit by a sequence of earthquakes with an 8.9 magnitude at its maximum while generating a 30 feet big waves of tsunami.

Instead of a terrorized “Day of Rage” awaited current event, I was stunned with disastrous happening going on in Japan as I turned on the television to watch news updates. Witnessed how the big tidal waves enveloped the land space of the country on the videos presented, made real goose bumps. 

I never had a second thought when I contacted my family in the Philippines as I heard that the entire Pacific had been put on alert as well for an aftershock effects without even verifying in which specific area first just to check on them and to inform them as well that I am safe that the demonstration here in Riyadh had failed to materialize.

Status updates on facebook and twitter, blogs, comments from other social networking sites really struck me as well and made me asked “what the hell is going on?!” The environmental catastrophic event seemed to be more alarming than terrorists’ attack or activists’ revolution. 

Would it be a way of the environment to get even with its inhabitants? Or just the nature’s way to balance itself through changing its formation. Moreover, this natural disaster had taken away thousands people’s lives and had caused serious damaged to infrastructures and other properties. 

Meanwhile, the United States, Philippines and other countries extended their assistance including other organization like Red Cross, and though, Japan being one of the richest countries would definitely have a hard time getting up after being hit by this disastrous calamity.

The video I took from Youtube showing the catastrophic event in Japan on March 11

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