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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Call of Responsibility

Posted by Ma. Theresa Macabuag On 11:55 PM No comments

I was running against time fighting for others' lives. I was never hesitant and quite determined to go through it all, and no matter how many storms passed by and how many obstacles I had to face, I made sure that at the end of the race I would try to surpass all, not because I want to but because I HAD TO! It was a call of responsibility.

It was then like raining cats and dogs when my family tried to run and ride on a boat from the rivers of hell where it was all rough and tough with the big rocks and big waves in the middle of stormy weather. It was a battle  against crisis of uncertainty and facing it was the most crucial part of it. The decisions involves risk taking while indulging all the eyes of the critics. 

Fears were overcome by the ropes of faith and by the light of hope that at the end of the day, we can make it all, and was blessed from above to conquer all. It might be a temporary destination, but from here I had moved forward and made a stepping stone. It was an experience of survival of the fittest where I had no choice but to change the route for a new direction in order to save lives. 

It was a clear motivation which was not for the sake of a higher post, definitely not an obscure ambition nor a dream come true, it was more of a call of responsibility or obligation and I was more than willing to offer myself  in a known place of self deprivation. In an uncertain situation, found a self-motivation inspired by the others to make a full change of direction. With full guts and determination along with faith, I willingly accepted the challenge to pursue a career in transcultural way. It was a no doubt that things would not be easy from the start when I had to turn over my life above as I had no idea on what awaits me to the foreign land.


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