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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Soul Searching

Posted by Ma. Theresa Macabuag On 6:13 AM 4 comments

Photo taken by "Archie" during the KKUHCF Anniversary Special in Al-khobar

"For whosoever would save his life shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it."
  Matthew 16: 25       

Photo taken by "Archie" during the KKUHCF Anniversary Special in Al-khobar

I felt somewhat wrecked and lost as I tried to seek for myself but I ended up being miserable like the prodigal son searching for the way going back home. I found myself in loneliness, instead, and my soul was full of emptiness. When I got my post away from home, I felt like it’s almost over and nothing good will ever happen. With a culture that was different wherein Christian Religion was not allowed to practice, I even wondered why God sent me to a distant place where I would be led far away or even separated from Him. But then again, I can’t question His will and what He really wants to happen. I just entrusted Him my life, instead.

I never hesitated as the road of opportunity abroad was becoming narrowed due to some changes in the Nursing trends, after such production of large amount of population of Nurses, some ended up not practicing their profession due to a limited post within the country, itself, so I had no choice but to take this chance thinking that this was the only way out for survival.

The thought of being lost in another country had changed when I found more reasons to enjoy my stay. I felt so much relieved after I encountered someone whom I believed God used as an instrument to help me find what I have been missing. The moment she invited me for a church when she was going for a service, I never hesitated to come even coming from  a night shift just to attend and feel once again the presence of God. I was already searching back then and was just waiting for the right time and right person to ask  for, where I can find what I have been looking for. From here, once again, I felt that I can’t be lost with God that no matter what happen and wherever I am, I would always end up going back in His arms again.

With Ate Wheng, the person God used for me to find the missing piece!

These are the people who made my life in Riyadh brighter than ever. 

These photos were taken during the Anniversary Special of King of Kings of the Utmost Heaven Christ Fellowship which was held in Baher, Al-khobar on December 3-4, 2009. This was our first day where I had so much fun bonding with my newly found Christian family taking pictures, participating in group games, eating Filipino foods, exchanging gifts while enjoying the beautiful and very relaxing venue of the resort.

Our first night in Al-khobar. Though it was cold cause it's winter, still everyone decided to stay outside to experience the fresh air along the seashore while drinking coffee and tea, and enjoying the sweetness of Krispy Kreme doughnuts as we watched REVELATION and some group presentations!

This is our second day in Al-khobar, enjoying the sunrise which remind us all that life is full of hope, and it symbolizes new life, new beginning and each new day is a blessing which we have to thankful about. =)

Just maximizing our time before leaving Baher Resort, enjoying the remaining moment that have and the chance to be together as one Christian family. ^_^

With all these experiences, it has made me realized that God really works even if we don't... that He always find ways for us to go back home especially at times when we are lost...and more often than not, He make things happen when we least expect it.

This experience reminds me of some Bible Verses:

From the American Standard Version:

"My Father, who hath given them unto me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father's hand." 
John 10:29
"For whosoever would save his life shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it."
Matthew 16:25      

*Most of the photos uploaded from photobucket were taken by Archie using Canon SLR.


you are lucky to have this walk by your own ,being with lord is a feeling deliver a person perfect living ,with it one can never get lost ,best of luck for you walk dear

Thanks baili, I agree with yah!.. may God be with you, always! Godspeed! =)

After some soul searching, donuts always helps you to settle down.

Losty, thanks for dropping by!.. yeah I guess you're right! LOL! :D can't turn down the sweetness of krispy kreme, I have been tempted like always! hehe

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